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Admin/Logistic Assistant

Job Type: Full time | Company: International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Libya | Location: Sabha, Libya | Date posted: 12-04-2016

The International Committee of The Red Cross (ICRC) is an impartial, neutral and independent organization whose exclusively humanitarian mission is to protect the lives and dignity of victims of armed conflict and other situations of violence and to provide them with assistance.

 The delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Tripoli is pleased to announce a job opening for the following position:  


Admin/Logistic Assistant   in  Sabha Office

 Tasks & Responsibilities:


       Administrative tasks:

a)   Premises

·      Coordinates with management (owner or manager) of ICRC premises and ensures the necessary paperwork and follow-up.

·      Implements the Premises policy and the ICRC standard housing items

·      Ensures proper maintenance of the premises and regular update of the inventories, including residence equipment inventories

·      Ensures that mechanisms for stock (i.e. coffee-break items, office consumables, cleaning products, etc.) control are in place

·      Performs regular check of the premises to assure that the state of the premises (maintenance, equipment, passive security) fulfils the requirements


b)   Supervision of the Domestic staff & the Security Guards:

·      Supervises, organizes and controls the work of domestic staff & the Security guards and perform their yearly appraisal.

·      Assures that the hygienic standards are respected

·      Prepares the monthly schedule for the security guards

·      Remains in general contact with them by phone or VHF

·      Reports any security incident to the HoSD, Management focal point & direct supervisor


c)   Welcome:

·      Makes travel reservation upon travel request and after checking that it has been validated by HoSD & Management focal point

·      Advices on hotel accommodation as well as on accommodation plan for new arrivals

·      Ensures the efficient organization of briefings of new personnel

·      Ensures a proper coordination with SAB and other SD when someone from/to Sabha

·      Prepares and ensures that before paying Welcome invoices, all supporting documents are according to the Administrative procedures (validations, Travel request, Invitation message


d)  Cashier:

·      Handles the sub delegation’s cash disbursements and payments.

·      Provides the cash statements on weekly basis to the Financial Assistant in TRI for verification.

·      Checks all invoices and gets all the necessary signature before processing any cash payments; prepares the stickers for accounting imputation.

·      Responsible for the cash box: the physical count must always correspond to the journal balance.

·      Monitors working advances, clears them when receiving invoices and settles them at the end of each month.




Logistical Tasks:

a)   Main Tasks and Responsibilities

·    Acts as a focal point in the sub-delegation for all logistics related activities, ranging from timely provision and supply of goods (Supply Chain Management) to warehousing activities and reporting required information also related to Fleet Management to HoSD and Logistics Coordinator

·    Provides operational support in the areas of purchasing, supply chain, stock management, warehousing and management of fleet assets / maintenance and reports the necessary information to HoSD and Logistics Coordinator

·    Liaises with Logistician in main delegation in Tripoli to ensure the Field Supply System (FSS) is updated with all activities at the sub-delegation

·    Provides statistical data to the HoSD and Logistics Coordinator


b)   SCA & Procurement Management

·    Ensures that the Requisition Order (RO) and Purchase Order (PO) management procedures are followed according to ICRC guidelines and provides the necessary information to the main delegation in Tripoli

·    Applies financial and logistics rules on procurement procedures

·    Provides offers to HoSD and Logistics Coordinator for the issuing of selection tables when necessary

·    Sends the paperwork for filing and archiving to the main delegation in Tripoli


c)   Warehousing and Statistics

·    Operationally manages warehousing and stocks in accordance with ICRC guidelines

·    Reports information about stock movements immediately to HoSD, Logistics Coordinator and main delegation in Tripoli

·    Regularly conducts physical inventories fulfilling the ICRC standards and reports results to HoSD and Logisti

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Date posted 12-04-2016
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