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Grants Specialist

Job Type: Full time | Company: Libya Transition Initiative 2 | Location: Benghazi, Libya | Date posted: 01-12-2016


Libya Transition Initiative 2 is looking to hire a Grants Specialist in Benghazi

.  Principal Position Objectives, Basic Functions, Critical Tasks:


The Libya Transition Initiative (LTI2) project is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), through a contract with Chemonics International.  The project supports the transition from the Gadhafi regime to a free and democratic Libya by supporting civil society, strengthening local and independent media outlets, and assisting interim government authorities.  The grants specialist (GS) plays a critical role in ensuring that LTI2-funded grants are implemented rapidly and effectively, in full compliance with USAID and Chemonics regulations and policies, and consistently with OTI’s operating methodology which emphasizes a hand-in-hand approach to working with local partners. The GS will assist with the structuring and implementation of the project grant fund. In addition to playing a lead role in implementation, the GS also conducts research to ensure that individuals and/or organizations that may receive grant-funding are capable of implementing a proposal. S/he works closely with program development officer (PDO) and others to develop grants and grant budgets that are realistic and appropriately planned to successfully meet proposed objectives. S/he ensures that Libyan activity partners are adhering to USAID grant guidelines. S/he will assist with the creation and oversight of overall policies, practices, and procedures relating to all aspects of grants. S/he will participate in procedures relating to grant solicitation and selection, grant awards, grant implementation, grant and contract monitoring,  evaluation, and closeout.


F. Specific Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Assist in the design, development and implementation of grants, in coordination with the COP, PDO, finance manger, and other staff to ensure compliance with USAID and Chemonics policies and procedures, and achievement of intended results
  • Responsible for assisting with the setup of financial monitoring of grant activities, implementation of grant agreements, and analysis of grant budgets and cost estimates for allowability, allocability, reasonableness and consistency.
  • Advise and assist project development officer (PDO) and other staff as required with grant implementation, monitoring and evaluation of grants and short-term technical assistance (STTA).
  • Follow up as needed regarding policy guidance and interpretation, under the direction of the Director of Operations, for LTI staff involved in grant making and grants management to ensure full compliance with USAID and Chemonics requirements.
  • During the grant development process, develop grant budgets and prepare to assume oversight of grant implementation post-award.
  • Maintain complete and updated grant files in both digital and hard copy format.
  • In collaboration with the PDO and procurement specialists, prepare monthly projections for LTI2 grant activities for submission to the finance manager.
  • Coordinate as needed with procurement staff to ensure proper reception and timely delivery of items procured on behalf of grantees.
  • Under the direction of the Director of Operations, ensure full compliance with the policies, practices and procedures relating to all aspects of grants for the LTI2 program, as outlined in the approved Activity Management Guide.  This includes specific procedures relating to grant selection, grant awards, grant implementation, grant monitoring and evaluation and grant close-outs.
  • Prepare and maintain grant documents consistent and compliant with all applicable requirements, procedures and best practices. Supporting documentation includes but is not limited to negotiation memorandums, branding and marking plans, required certifications and assurances, vetting and reference checks, environmental assessments and others. 
  • Develop no cost and cost amendments for grants in coordination with PDOs and the finance manager.
  • In coordination with LTI2 finance and procurement staff, assess recipient capabilities related to activity implementation and advise them on how to enhance them.
  • In coordination with finance and procurement staff, analyze budgetary and financial aspects of grant proposals, grantee financial management and/or administrative capacities and planning for implementation/procurement and cash disbursement needs for grants implementation throughout the life of the project. 
  • Ensure that grants and activities are closed out within required time frames.
  • Undertake other duties as assigned by supervisor.



G.        Job Qualifications:


  • Demonstrated experience in activity management focused on ensuring that procurement, finance, logistics, and programmatic aspects are being implemented on-time and in accordance with the specifications of the approved activity
  • Experience with NGOs and/or community-based organizations is preferred, and an up-to-date understanding and knowledge of political and social conditions in Libya.
  • Ability/willingness to travel throughout the country on a regular basis.
  • Experience managing grants and/or contracts for international organizations is highly desired.
  • Experience with cash-based activities is preferred.
  • Ability to work in a professional and cordial manner with fellow staff members, visitors, partner institutions including international and local NGOs, governmental entities, support organizations, and the general public.


  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision, to prioritize multiple work assignments in an extremely fast-paced environment, to meet deadlines, and to exercise good, professional judgment that reflects positively on the image and communicates the established LTI2 program message. 
Please Send CVs to: tripjob@libyati.org
please use "Grants specialist - Benghazi" as a subject title of your Email
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Date posted 01-12-2016
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