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Specialized Researcher

Job Type: Part time | Company: Navanti Group, LLC | Location: Multiple Locations, Libya | Date posted: 06-11-2013

Position: Specialized Researcher

Contract Type: Part-time, at will

Purpose: The program is designed to collect basic information from multiple outlets. Part of the unique design of the program is the majority of the information is derived from local inhabitants from the country of focus, highlighting local perspectives and concerns. Additional data-gathering efforts are also obtained from the respective diaspora community, to supplement local perspectives and enhance the breadth of information. The information is then analyzed and compiled into an analytical product, which provides recommendations based on local needs and concerns to various international organizations, non-governmental organizations and others.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Open Source Analysis
  • Telephonic and Internet query through existing or developing social media
  • Provide research assessments on a variety of topics, such as infrastructure, political trends, demographics, economic matters, humanitarian concerns, social dynamics, public perceptions, government and non-government organizations, and possible use of sub-contracted regional area specialist
  • Surveys and non-scientific polling with a move toward more qualitative polling

Required Qualifications

Required competencies and knowledge:

1. Computer Literacy:

  • Required knowledge of the Microsoft Suite
  • Required knowledge with Internet-based research

2. Language Skills - Required fluency in written and spoken English and Arabic

3. Academic qualifications - The candidate should have obtained or be in the process of finalizing a four-year college degree (BS/BA), waiverable for experience

Preferred Qualifications:

1. Computer Literacy / Navigation Systems:

  •  Prefer knowledge in mapping programs such as Google Earth
  •  Knowledge in GPS functions are a plus
  •  Knowledge in photography is a plus

2. Language Skills - Knowledge in Tamashek is a plus

3. Academic qualifications - Candidates who are currently pursuing a Master’s or PhD studies in International Affairs, International Development, and Conflict Resolution are desired

Particular attention will be paid to potential specialized researchers from the following regions:

  • Benghazi / Darnah / Sabha / Awbari / Murzuq / Ghat
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Date posted 06-11-2013
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